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D-One Launches BlackBerry Javelin Ponsel Similar

D-One, Blackberry, Javelin
Vendor D-One has launched similar Blacberry Javelin phone. More and more now only vendor that issued Qwerty phone models that can access Facebook. After Nexian and HT Mobile and Mito, now China's turn original vendor, D-One, which took out a similar product.

Overview of the phone similar to the BlackBerry Javelin or black berry Curve 8900. "But this phone more slim and thin," said Nadia Sahara, Marketing Manager of PT Nusa Pratama Sarindo, Principal D-One in Indonesia, Jakarta, Rabu (12 / 8).

This phone also has a trackball like the Blackberry most truly can be enabled. Mobile phone features dual SIM card, MP3 player, FM radio, and 2 megapixel camera. This product dibanderol at Rp 999,000. In addition, the D-One operator menggandeng Exelcomindo Pratama (Indonesian Op).

Blackberry mobile phone similar to the way this sale bundling with XL. That way, even if it does not have any credit, this mobile phone users can access Facebook and chat for free for 5 months, "said Nadia.

He said, government is very optimistic with the product splendent DG-628 which is similar to blackberry javelin. D-One has set up 500 units for three months. Some 200 units have been in Indonesia, while the rest are still in China.

"As many as 300 units are still hampered due to typhoon. For the initial stage, the phone will be in the Menara Rajawali. The future will be marketed to Papua," he said.
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