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Now Play Angry Birds in any Web Browser


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angry birds on computer

The wait is over.

Angry Birds, one of the most popular video games around that has so far been available only on mobile phones and tablets, is now also available for your computer.

Like a true web app, there's no software to download or install and all it requires is a web browser. Since you have that already, just head over to and start crushing the green pigs.

Angry Birds is official available as a Chrome app but if you use the address, you can play the game inside any web browser including IE. Also, you may switch to the SD version of the game available at  if your playing on a less-powerful netbook.

Why are the birds so angry?

If you are new to Angry Birds, watch the following video trailer to understand why these birds are so angry with the green pigs.

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LG Optimus 3D Augmented Reality Will Complete 3D Browser

Versatile three-dimensional (3D), perhaps that will offer the LG for its smartphones, Optimus 3D. Recently a Korean manufacturer announced that the phone will be exclusively equipped browser 3D augmented reality.

For this, the LG collaborate with Wikitude to create an application that lets users interact with surrounding social environment. Compared with augmented reality application that runs on mobile phones 'normal', such as "Display ", then on the display type of 3D stereoscopic owned Optimus will show places of interest, landmarks and various other objects in a 3D format that is more 'talk'.

Database information presented Wikitude labeled 3D applications is not less than 100 million points / locations throughout the world. This new 3D browser temporary reality will support 12 languages​​, which will continue to grow for the future. For those who want to taste Wikitude 3D ​​applications, can be downloaded at the LG World AppStore in June. And, seem to be free. Woow....

Get a Random Homepage for your Browser


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When it comes to choosing a homepage for our web browsers, we all have different preferences. Some people prefer a blank start page, some may want to see thumbnails of most frequently visited sites (like in Chrome) while others may be more happy seeing their favorite website (like set as their browser's homepage.

There's another option as well – a random homepage. You may use any one of the following URLs as your browser's homepage and expect to see something new and unexpected each time you open your browser.

1. Flickr Photos - This will load a random set of most interesting pictures from Flickr, the photo sharing website.

2. Wikipedia - This will open some random article from the Wikipedia Encyclopedia - replace "en" in the URL to see articles in your own language - de for Deutsch, es for Español, it for Italiano and so on.

3. Delicious - This will open a web page that has recently gone popular on Delicious, the social bookmarking website. You can also tweak the delicious URL to load web pages related to your own interests. For instance, will only show cricket related websites in the start page.

4. Dictionary - Learn the meaning of some new English word every time you load the browser. Available for most other popular languages as well including Arabic, Hindi, Chinese, Persian (Farsi), etc.

5. Words – This is again like the Wiktionary page mentioned above except that it will display a new word and its meaning from the popular "A Word a Day" website.

6. StumbleUpon - This will open a random website that is popular among members of the StumbleUpon community.

7. Reddit – See a random story, photo or video that may have hit the Reddit homepage.

8. Reader Play – Browse interesting stuff that's getting lot of likes on Google Reader.

Just drag any of these URLs to the browser's home icon and prepare yourself to see something unexpected each time you launch your web browser.

This story was initially published in 2009 and this is an updated version.

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This article, titled Get a Random Homepage for your Browser, was originally published at Digital Inspiration under Browser, Software.


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D-One Launches BlackBerry Javelin Ponsel Similar

D-One, Blackberry, Javelin
Vendor D-One has launched similar Blacberry Javelin phone. More and more now only vendor that issued Qwerty phone models that can access Facebook. After Nexian and HT Mobile and Mito, now China's turn original vendor, D-One, which took out a similar product.

Overview of the phone similar to the BlackBerry Javelin or black berry Curve 8900. "But this phone more slim and thin," said Nadia Sahara, Marketing Manager of PT Nusa Pratama Sarindo, Principal D-One in Indonesia, Jakarta, Rabu (12 / 8).

This phone also has a trackball like the Blackberry most truly can be enabled. Mobile phone features dual SIM card, MP3 player, FM radio, and 2 megapixel camera. This product dibanderol at Rp 999,000. In addition, the D-One operator menggandeng Exelcomindo Pratama (Indonesian Op).

Blackberry mobile phone similar to the way this sale bundling with XL. That way, even if it does not have any credit, this mobile phone users can access Facebook and chat for free for 5 months, "said Nadia.

He said, government is very optimistic with the product splendent DG-628 which is similar to blackberry javelin. D-One has set up 500 units for three months. Some 200 units have been in Indonesia, while the rest are still in China.

"As many as 300 units are still hampered due to typhoon. For the initial stage, the phone will be in the Menara Rajawali. The future will be marketed to Papua," he said.

Nokia 6700 Classic Released

nokia 6700 classic
To spoil Photography Enthusiasts Mobile, Nokia released the Nokia 6700 Classic, the picture quality of the product able to compete with other products. Nokia launched 6700 classic is designed specifically for those who like to perpetuate the image through the handset.

Nokia product lets people get this image or video with better quality. The Nokia Series is equipped with this 5 megapixel camera with autofocus, image, video, and sharing online.

"Nokia Classic series are devoted to those who are too stylish and not to the sophisticated features. Camera with 5 mega pixels so that the experience can take a beautiful picture," said Sugianto Legi, Marketing Manager Nokia Indonesia in workshops in Jakarta, the new-new it.

5 megapixel berkamera addition, the Nokia 6700 product offers what most people want to enjoy on the phone screen berkamera such as 2.2 inch, QVGA 167 million colors, producing images with high quality.

There are also connections for HSUPA high-speed access to data that facilitate the process of sharing a photo or video. 170 MB internal memory plus micro SD memory 8 GB. The battery can endure up to 4 hours talk time and standby conditions for 300 hours.

Despite its focus on the camera, the Nokia 6700 classic is also equipped with internet facilities with Nokia OSS browser, and HSDPA. Besides there are also GPS with Nokia Map, radio and MP3 player. "USB is also nge-charge, connect to live or laptop computer," he said.

Nokia this series, comes with two options, namely the color and black crom. This product recently marketed with a price per unit around $ 300.

Dell Adamo, thin and Clean

When you first see it, we are upset. It's very thin? Tenuity Yes physical attraction is the main Dell Adamo. Despite only 1.6 cm thickness, body does not feel ringkih. Known all over the body of the notebook is made aluminum plate intact. Therefore 'kepipihan' notebook when inserted and held in a different bag.

Other factors that cause the body is thin Adamo use SSD (solid state disk), not the hard drive, as storage. Dell 128MB SSD inserted here. However, SSD is also a role in the push up the price of notebook.

Easy way to do smth, not only the body that is made thin notebook by Dell. Adapter unit is so charged. Adamo adapter is thin, the notebook as thin as its own, so that was convenient-take it.

Unfortunately though thin and strong (scratch resistant), the material on the aluminum Adamo provides heavy consequences. Yes, indeed the weight is not reach 2kg, exactly 1.814 kg. However, if we do not count the power adapter and cables which will give additional weight of 0.268 kg. Because it contains a shoulder bag Dell Adamo with adapter cable and charged in a rather long time was quite a burden felt shoulder.

If we view outside casing, Dell Adamo's very attractive, the majority of the notebook is outstanding. Cover the unit we tested the acute angle without this black - Dell called Onyx.

Cover is arranged in two parts. Some of the top of the glass made from hard black glossy look in the mirror that can be used. Unfortunately glittery casing on this we must also make frequent wash it - fingerprint because anyone who holds this notebook leave track there.

Half the cover - the bottom - who is also black. But that this material is brushed aluminum with a metal fiber-fiber horizontal strongest that impressive. Different with the top of the active stamp collecting fingerprints, this is the bottom of the anti-fingerprint.

Between two of this section separated by 'path' wide approximately 1.3 cm of black doff. On the left side showing any posts adamo in small letters. In the opponent, right, attend Dell logo. Both this paper does not sticked, but stretched directly in the cover.

Adamo is a unique appearance with prominent secretion of the body in the back of the hinge. (According to experience, the part that is usually prominent battery) Unique, as part of the decorated patterns hollowed holes small order. Right in the middle, looks a small rays shine white solid (if enabled notebook or power supplied).

Clean, compact
If we examine physical, Adamo is clean. No stickers of any kind - including the warranty sticker - draggle outside the body.

Hygiene is also shown in the third notebook. The left side and the front of the net Adamo trinkets from any port. Exceptions apply to the right side. There, toward the back, there was a hole for the headphone jack. While the microphone jack is not visible.

However, in general, the solid-side Adamo, massive, without the slightest hole. No need to search of the location hole Security Lock, because it is not available.

Density also appears at the bottom of the Adamo. Not have any holes here. No screw, or the ventilation holes. Also does not have a sticker also. Also appear not to pack Battery slot. Lho? Here, Battery Adamo is a built-in, so can not be removed or replaced - this is a bit disconcerting if we do not discipline when recharge power its Battery.

At the bottom of this, right in the middle of the field, that is just a square plate with a Dell surrounded by a circle. Circle under the clear and thirteen any posts adamo - refers to the size of the LCD screen. In the left corner of the plate we will see a Windows Vista logo, which is offset by the Intel logo on the right side.Di between the two logos are present any posts fine Made in China. All this paper stretched in the body.

Back to evacuate
Then, to which all ports that are usually have it? All port evacuated to the back of the unit.

In this section in line tier port - one LAN, one USB / eSATA, two USB 2.0, and one displayport-DVI adapter. DC-in jack also is located here, on the left. In the back of this we will also find fine any posts stretched Service Tag number and Express Service Code - when you want to use anything with Adamo.

In addition to port, both sides show the back of the holes. This is the only discharge of air channel, alias ventilation, Adamo. From these holes - which Italics gradient - the sound will be issued by the speakers that is also planted in Adamo. Perhaps because of that, the sound from the speaker sounded less strong even though the volume has been set up to a maximum of 100 numbers.

Holes that may be inadequate to support the performance of the speakers, but a successful circulation of the air support Adamo. Fact, Adamo does not remove the excessive heat while working.

Glass Panel Super Wide
lets finished our first outside the Adamo. Now, open the cover. Wow, I impressed screen is wider than usual yes? In specification, the wide screen measuring 13.4 ".

However, the use of panel glass from edge to edge with the black frame makes the screen visible roomy over. Behind this screen is embedded antennas for wireless Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. O yes, the use of glass here Adamo also quite heavy.

Resolution in the LCD can be set up to a maximum of 1366x768. Hmm, Adamo screen aspect ratio is not 16:9, but it is 16:10. This format allows two A4 pages side by side showing. Compared to 16:9 format, this format is not too wide and short, so the taskbar or menu bar at the top or bottom of the screen when we watch widescreen video still visible.

Views on the screen look clear, bright, and sharp, despite - as does the glass - has a strong effect back . To reduce the effect of reflection, Push LCD screen to back up to around 135 degrees can be no more than that, because will stopped by the back of the notebook.

Have a fun by in this LCD screen. This is the docking (Dell calls Stardock). This is essentially a kind of shortcut to a number of favorite applications that are frequently activated - the presented similar Mac. This shortcut refers to e-mail, Internet, Photos (Webcam), Music, Videos, Security, Help & Support, Recycle Bin, and Internet.

At the top of the LCD panel, such as regular attendance lens 1.3 megapixel Webcam. Webcam on the left side there is a small hole, which will emit white light when activated Wecam. Bottom of the LCD panel frame exhibit Dell logo in silver.

Webcam activated in two ways. First, through the application Dell Webcam Central and select the Open Webcam Central. Both ways, through Docking. Select the camera icon image, and select Take Pictures. Quality of recording Webcam - photos and video is quite good. But for video, there seconds pause when recording.

Touch Panel Buttons
Now we switch to the keyboard panel. Framed by this panel of aluminum in the jet black color.

Once again to discuss strong aura hygiene here. Protrusion does not look anything here. Not seen the button on / off, especially the buttons multimedia shortcut. All the keys are absent. So I light a notebook?

Observations further revealed that all of the key that was planted in the notebook panel. Located near the hinge. Button on / off is right in the middle, with a flat panel. Push it, the notebook armed by the operating system Windows Vista Premium will start booting its tempo in 40 seconds. Button on / off any direct rays emit white light.

Now wipe your finger to the right side of the button on / off. Now, eight icon will light up white. That is the shortcut buttons multimedia - Backward, Play / Stop, Forward, Volume Mute, Volume Down and Volume Up. No pressing need to take if one of these functions. Self wipe your fingertips on the associated button, because the key is sensitive to touch. Cool is not it?

That is also fun, Adamo equipped with light sensors. So do not be worried if we use them in the room that gloaming, or in total darkness once was. Panel keyboard it was jet black and the letter-the letter is rather difficult to see the width is enough light on the situation - may be due to stretched.

However in the room is less light, white light will illuminate the entire keyboard panel when we touch one of the keys. Font-font in the console will look very clear, especially in a dark room total. Illumination this level can dimmed / raised by pressing a combination Fn-F6/F7. But we do not recommend using Adamo in the dark. For the gleam LCD will feel it is very flashy and less good for your eye health.

Ivories ivories on Adamo-wide, full-sized. Unfortunately pressure is quite strong need for pressing. Besides the sound heard TIK TIK-pounding in every console that is split silence atmosphere.

Panel under the keyboard, in the middle of the palmrest, as usual, there is a touchpad that invites attention. Not because of the wide size, or the circular patterns in the direction. Not because the touchpad is also made of similar metal. But because the touchpad is really flawless when touched, and already support multi-gestures. So for the men-zoom images on the screen enough to make us a thumbs dissociate movements of the index finger on the touchpad. The direction - single index finger to thumb - used to decrease the display image on the screen.

Touchpad is accompanied by a pair of button clicks - right and left.

Dell motorized by Adamo processor Intel Core 2 Duo U9300 1.2 GHz, a processor ultra-low-voltage (ULV), which is designed is able to save Battery power, combined with the RAM DDR3 2GB. The use of ULV processor is able to create Battery charger stand long enough - more than 2 hours in our testing. Resistance is quite good considering the death of a Battery (non-removable) LCD screen and a wide Adamo.

PC Mark Vantage Score Adamo - thanks to the support of SSD performance is better than hard drive - good enough, that is, 2865. Similarly, a number of Cinebench R10.

However, when encoding video, Adamo takes a long time. The 3DMark 2006 test scores show less support activities Adamo play 3D games.

But for ordinary users to use the Internet for browsing, editing a text document and send / receive e-mail, the performance of Dell Adamo has very vigorius. And also if you will use to edit video on a regular basis, we recommend you to select the maximum amount of memory (4GB).

So to whom this actually Adamo Dell? Clearly not for most users. First, because the price very expensive, starting from U.S. $ 2499. Second, the facility does not complete a physical notebook other less attractive and also less thin. There is one thing that we feel remorse, that is, the unavailability of the memory card slot on the Dell Adamo.

Back to the question above? Dell to Adamo who is? The answer: Adamo is intended for anyone who is very important and tenuity style units, plus the price will not matter. Its use for any applications that are common, not the alias heavyweight like 3D. For supporting the activities of pro-Facebook, e-mail and office application is sufficient.

PLUS: Physical very thin and clean; touch panel, LED screen width; Stardock applications.

Minus: No memory card slot; performance 3D graphics; Battery planted.

(Intel Core 2 Duo U9300 1.2 GHz, 2GB RAM, Intel Cantiga GS45, 13.4 ", Win Vista Home Premium)
Cinebench R10: 2470 CB-CPU; 5 minutes 57 seconds
Encoding Video: 30 minutes 9 seconds
Audio Encoding: 3 minutes 43 seconds
PC Mark Vantage: 2865
3DMark 2006: 634
Batteries Hold Power
Playing HD Video: 2 hours 18 minutes 53 seconds
Battery Eater 05: 2 hours 5 minutes 32 seconds

Rating Score
(maximum 5)
Performance: 4
Facilities: 4.1
Ease: 4
Price: 3.7
TOTAL Score: 3.97

Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo U9300 1.2 GHz
RAM: DDR3 1066 2GB
Chipset: Intel Cantiga GS45
Graphics card: Intel 4 Series 798136kb
Sound: IDT High Definition Audio CODEC
Harddisk: Samsung 128GB SSD Thin uSATA M ATA
Optical drive: --
Facilities: LAN, Wi-Fi 802.11 n draft, Bluetooth, 2 USB 2.0, 1 USB / ESTA, displayport DVI adapter, jack headhone
Display: 13.4 ", 1366x768 pixels
Operating System: Win Vista Home Premium
Battery: Li-Ion 12.5 V 3.7 Ah
Dimensions: 33.1 x24, 2x1, 6 cm
Weight (including battery): 1.814 kg + 0.268 grams (for the cable and power adapter)
Warranty: 1 year
Web site:
Price range *: U.S. $ 2499
Dell India, (021) 235-8420 0.