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LG Optimus 3D Augmented Reality Will Complete 3D Browser

Versatile three-dimensional (3D), perhaps that will offer the LG for its smartphones, Optimus 3D. Recently a Korean manufacturer announced that the phone will be exclusively equipped browser 3D augmented reality.

For this, the LG collaborate with Wikitude to create an application that lets users interact with surrounding social environment. Compared with augmented reality application that runs on mobile phones 'normal', such as "Display ", then on the display type of 3D stereoscopic owned Optimus will show places of interest, landmarks and various other objects in a 3D format that is more 'talk'.

Database information presented Wikitude labeled 3D applications is not less than 100 million points / locations throughout the world. This new 3D browser temporary reality will support 12 languages​​, which will continue to grow for the future. For those who want to taste Wikitude 3D ​​applications, can be downloaded at the LG World AppStore in June. And, seem to be free. Woow....
LG Optimus 3D Augmented Reality Will Complete 3D Browser Reviewed by Raka Dewa Bagaskara on Sunday, May 15, 2011 Rating: 4.5
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